When trying to view a pdf file, an error comes up stating "Windows needs to install MS Windows Journal. All the other PC's in the group have the same configuration but this is the only one that is coming up with errors. Can anyone help?


MS Windows Journal is a program used on XP Tablet PC Edition.
If the file you are trying to open was created in this program and you are trying to open it through regular XP-pro or XP-home you will need the following download:

If the file you are trying to open was not created in MS Windows Journal, try right-clicking the pdf file (or any pdf file on that PC), selecting Properties and changing the "Opens with" configuration to tell windows to use Adobe acrobat or other pdf viewer installed on the PC for opening pdf files.

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I'll move this to 'Windows Software', as it has to do with software programs rather than Windows itself. Great answer, by the way, JC7 :)

Thank you for the suggestion. It worked.