So I've got an IBM a22m laptop on which I'm trying to do a clean install of XP Pro, Service Pack 1. About half an hour into set-up, I get a message telling me that I need to insert the appropriate CD in order to find a missing ASMS file. Obviously the file is on the CD, but for whatever reason, my computer can't find it.

I've tried most suggestions out there, including trying to copy the asms file from the CD, burning it onto another CD and then trying to install from there when prompted. I also read through Microsoft's suggestion of solving this problem by using a Win98 installation disk. Problem is, my computer keeps restarting set-up, so it's this never-ending cycle of not being able to find the asms file and then restarting installation again.

Can anybody please help? Much appreciated... :)

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What I did the fix the problem was to use a different CD-ROM Drive all together and have it on its own IDE cable. Once I did that the installation ran through without any errors. Seems like windows could not access the files on the CD. Maybe Try a USB CD-ROM drive , but leave out the windows cd until windows setup actually askes for the cd.

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