I was wondering if anybody could help. I can not get on to the internet despite my computer saying that I am connected.

I have tried internet explorer and firefox and have had no joy with both. I get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" and something similar with firefox.

I know the internet is working fine in the house as I am on my wife's mac now and that is working fine.

I had just said yes to a windows update before this problem started but don't know if that is just a coincidence..

Any ideas to help this computer novice will be greatly appreciated.


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Is the Mac and your own machine connected to your network in the same way? Eg Are they both wireless or connected by Cat5e?

Thanks for your reply.

Yep the mac works fine wireless or connected as did my lap top until the other day when I accepted some windows updates. I am not sure if that is connected.

It seems to think that the internet is not even on..

check ur internet options and make sure ur connections are right depending on ur LAN and make sure IE and FF are on ur firewalls exceptions list

i have the exact same problem i just downloaded service pack 3 and now i can't get my internet on the computer with service pack 3 i have tryed the system restores and they don't help i even have tryed putting wifi on the computer with sp3 but it will not accept the internet it says i'm connected but i can't use anything requiring internet. any other computer works though. i tryed to ping a page in command prompt and it says can not find host though when i put in my ip address it comes back fine with no missing parts. Every thing worked fine before i downloaded sp3. i also tryed reinstalling my driver for internet with no luck.

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