Hi i have a major problem, it started yesterday completely randomly.
Whenever i try to go to some sites in firefox it hangs on "waiting for *.com" an wont go any further, this happens on google, hotmail, facebook and many more.

I've tried updating firefox to ff3, no change.
I also tried Opera but the same thing happens.
I've checked the hosts file in C:/Windows/system32/drivers/etc but that only has the localhost line.

However it does work when i go through those proxy sites but i dont want to be doing that for the rest of my life, even then javascript is blocked so i cant get onto hotmail. (You have no idea of the stress i went through trying to register for these forums!)

Please someone help me, whats a man to do without google???

These websites work fine on other computers in the house, they all go through the same router.

One day I'll bother learning about networks... but if you go into a cmd window and type..
ipconfig /? -you should find what you want. My money is on /flushdns, and maybe /registerdns
You play.

Hi i have a major problem, it started yesterday completely randomly.

what have you done dude??? Can you think back to when it began... Installed any new software or added any new hardware devices before the issue occurred? Downed any new files that you shouldnt have?

When things happen at random there is usually a reason why this is so.

ohk like the locksmith said try to think back on what you did before this happened, cos yes without you realising it something was change maby not intentionally.