Ok seeing as there isn't really a sound card section in the hardware board, and considering I know Windows XP Black Edition is what caused it I'm posting here.

Ok So I reformatted using the Windows XP disc that came with my computer. Immediatly after that I reformatted again using the Windows XP Black Edition Disc I made. Everything went smoothly except that now my system doesn't Recognized my sound card.

The Realtek soundcard that my comp has is at least 6 years old. I've tried installing drivers for it, but none have worked. I've checked to make sure the Windows Audio Service is started and everything. Also when I open sound properties it just shows greyed out boxes where my sound cards name should be.

Unfortunely I can't give you the exact model because my computer isn't recognizing it. I also think it is integrated into the motherboard. It isn't PCI or anything like that.

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