Thanks to anyone willing to help me. I own an emachines cpu with windows home edition. After I log on to my CPU it goes to my background but the desktop doesn't show up. I open the Task Manager and manually start explorer.exe and the desktop opens. But afterwards no exe files I download will open, no options in my control panel will open, internet explorer (using Firefox now)won't open, and several other things won't open( saving links with right click(in Firefox), hearts game, cmd.exe opens but closes instantly after, can't use the "open with" command). Everything else seems to be working O.K.. I noticed in the task Manager that certain tasks that start with the desktop didn't start( two I know are alg.exe, and wscntfy.exe). Any help will really be appreciated. Ask for anymore info if you need to, i am more than willing to give it.

sounds like malware try this in safe mode

download trend micro's DOS application here (2.1MB) and the two essential pattern files namely lptXXX and sspdaX_XX(X means latest versions)witch you can find at the same site

extract/install the DOS application and the files in a temp folder(all inthe same folder) in the root of local disk,now go into safe mode and run the DOS application

MRT is also a gr8 tool I dont have the path for it at the moment but try the above if that fails let me know