My uncle gave my dad an old compaq laptop, and I have a dlink router+adapter to use with it (my uncle used the same model before too.)
I reinstalled windows on it so now its a fresh xp media edition, and when i plug in the adapter no setup pops up.
I installed the drivers from the cd, restarted, nothing worked. Tried it 2 times. But when i go to network connections theres only local area connection but no wireless. Thus I cant connect to my wifi network from that comp in any way.
Please help!

Open control pannel, add new hardware, and try that way

Tried it...it couldnt find anything..

Can anybody help? The comp doesnt have built in wifi, so it needs the whole router set. I have that...but it doesnt wanna work!

Buy a Wi-Fi PCMCIA card if the compaq PC has one

Hey, AFAIK wireless card comes by default on most of the laptop models. Could you please tell me the exact laptop model so that I check the configuration and can point you to the latest drivers for the wireless card. I am sure that you haven't installed the wireless drivers on your laptop successfully because of which there is wireless connection appearing in ncpa.cpl.

If your laptop model doesn't come with a wireless card by default, then as gdrori mentioned, you would have to purchase a seperate PCMCIA data card for your laptop.


The model is Compaq 1700T.

bump (sorry, my father is desperate to get it working..)