In Windows Vista, for months, I've been wrestling with the Windows Update function. Out of the blue it just stop working. It gives me an error code that I've not been able to find out what it means. I don't have the exact code on hand but it reads something like this: 8004790. Can anyone help with this problem?

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It appears that anyone that didn’t have a problem installing this update had a folder called C:\windows\system32\logfiles\firewall. Those with a problem don’t have that folder. The solution appears to be as easy as creating a folder called FireWall inside the C:\windows\system32\logfiles folder. So far six readers have confirmed that it has worked for them, and none have said it hasn’t.

I checked the system32 file and it was configured as C:\windows\system32\logfiles\Firewall.So it appears that your theory doesn't apply in this case. Thank you for the suggestion.


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