Hello Folks,

my problem is, i began to notice my mechine was lagging alot; a couple of days ago. I decide to turn off alot of programs from the task mgr, which didnt help very much. After i did a reboot thinking this might help my problem because i leave my computer on for days before i reboot. But after i rebooted my system and i got to the login screen, i put my password in only to be redirected back to the login screen. i would see the desktop for maybe 3 second before it would log itself out then put back on the login screen again.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? and if so can you help me to resolve my issue.
I tried doing a chkdsk /r buthis didnt help.

thx n advance ;)

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Is your OS XP?

Try starting in safe mode (press F8 on boot)
Then see if you can log in as Adminstrator-
You may not have set a password for admin.
Then do a system restore to restore any essential startup progs you may have stopped.


i am running xp. i can't log in from the back or the front side. i get the same results in safemode as i booting in normal mode. i even went in to the recovery console and did a chkdsk /r.

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