I'm hoping an expert can help me. I have windows XP pro and have not been able to load any new programs or software onto my system. I can open files like documents and pdf files, but can't open .exe files for some reason. I encountered problems with Norton Internet Security and had to uninstall it for my sytem and browser (Mozilla Firefox) to work again. I had Ad Aware then was finding bugs. Tried uninstalling it with Ad Remove Prgrams but it won't budge. Trying to download another copy but it is an .exe file. I much prefer zip files now, having the problem. Please help me.

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I much prefer zip files now

And in any good Zip file is a .EXE!:)
I would do a System Restore back to a earlier Time ,befor you remove Nortons Internet S--it !

Thanks but the System restore was not able to open. I went to Start/Programs/Accessories/system tools/system restore, but no go. I was able to open a couple exe files, after I did something, but I was not able to remember what I did to fix it temporarily. I think I was playing around in Folder Options. I still have the same problem as I did before. I hope the experts can help. Thanks

I still have the same problem as I did before. I hope the experts can help. Thanks

Yeah Me to :)

I'm still having some trouble opening some exe files. A couple of them actually disappeared once I clicked on them! I don't know what happened. I have AdAware, Spybot search and destroy and registry mechanic on my system, but nothing seems to help. I do not have Norton Internet Security. I was having trouble reinstalling it from CD.

All the exe files of my computer stopped responding .... and when I scanned for viruses ... there was a virus named something like win32.plif bla bla .. which was corrupting my apps. You should scan you pc for viruses.

thanks I will try buying some virus software tomorrow. This is beginning to bug me.

Hi, I too have Windows XP. I've had it for 2years now, always kept updates, have norton anti virus. However I woke up to find this morning (6/29/05) that every single program in my computer could not be open. I cannot install or uninstall anything. System tools, control panel, I put in my recovery discs, nothing will work. I'm really in a jam, I ran Norton Antivirus somehow as it booted itself automatically as it does every morning and it discovered one Trojan that infected one file, but I immediately deleted it. Please please please assist if anyone has seen a similar thing recently.

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