Hi everybodey!!
I've been watching this thread for some time now. :* (I LOVE IT)

:?: So could someone tell me whats the best compression software for about 4 gig .iso files.

Thank YOU!! :)

Bloody hell, 5 years later and this thread is still getting hits!

There's a new application undergoing development at the moment called PerfectCompress, which combines PAQ and 7z to create UCA (ULTRA Compressed Archive). Unfortunately the dev's website seems to be hosted on a ZX81, so I haven't had a chance to test it out yet. However, the developer has a dedicated thread on another forum and you can keep up to date with him/her there:


Does anyone else have any suggestions? Preferably free ones. I'd been using KGB Archiver for a while until I realised how unstable it is, and it doesn't appear to be receiving any attention from its dev(s) anymore. My own personal goal is simply to crush my files into the smallest state possible, so I'm willing to suffer the performance hit of having my RAM and CPU chewed up and I don't require a lot of fancy features like split volumes and such.

Cheers dudes/dudettes!

Hi ! How is everything going ?
about your question I can remember a programm
You can use " StuffiIt Deluxe "

Magic ISO or winzip 9.0 are good, there are coming out with new versions so its good to keep on top of trends. Winzip is a must.

Thanks a lot for the Information it was really good
Thank you again!

Hi everyone, I see that it's been about a year since the last posing.
But I love the topic of data compression so much that I like to keep important topics such as this one "up to date".

as of this year, Winzip released Winzip 14 which uses the new *.zipx file extension along with the normal *.zip file extension.

Zipx is suppose to be a better type of compression vs the normal zip.
It seems to be pretty nice.

As far as the "prefect compression" statement stated prior to this one, we will one day achieve "prefect compression" which in my mind is the point where technology cannot get any better. My Artificial Intelligence program has been working and working to achieve the master equation for compression. Maximum compression for the least amount of time. I will have it soon. I'm just hoping the government doesn't step up and prevent me from marketing it. It would be pretty crazy if everyone could take a 4 gig movie and shrink it down to 100k. The internet would explode. lol Yaw have a good one!


I would be happy to get your Compression Software. :twisted:

Could you post it in to this thread when it's done.

Thanks. :icon_smile:

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