Hello, i have two questions:

1 - when I start Win 2000 Pro, i always receive a message that says:

Run Dll – error of loading of C:\PROGRA~1\NEWDOT~1\NEWDOT~2.DLL

What is NEWDOT? How can i repair it? Can i delete the software (what is?) that load it?

2 – when I start Win XP (i have dual boot) i always receive this message:

error of loading of bridge.dll

On web i read that bridge.dll is a component of the Gold Casino (i never used it!); i try to download it from www.dll-files.com, but the link is bad.
As above: how can i repair it? Can i delete the software (i don’t find Gold Casino on my PC) that load it?

Thanks in advance


You'll find many questions and answers relating to 'bridge.dll' errors in the 'Security' section of this forum. Follow the advice in the "Helping Yourself' topic for spyware/malware detection and removal, then post your question in that forum section if you have remaining problems please.

I would strongly suspect that the error message relates to something you have removed from your system, and which has left 'traces' of itself behind.

And by the way, never 'Delete' software from your PC. Always use the uninstall routines provided, Add/Remove programs, or the specialised procedures you might find listed on a program's website! Simply deleting programs doesn't get rid of them.

thanks Catweazle, i will try in 'Security' section