There is this computer that gives illegal operation with details like "invalid page vault in module inetcomm.dll"i.e when I try to send mails using outlook, outlook express doesn't open- it says it cant load msoe.dll.Also when I open some web pages it tells me exproler caused some page vaults ,some other programs like ms frontpage cant open cos some dlls couldnt load (as it says).Its a win 95 with 64 mb ram.Iam not sure I know the cause of this or what can be done to it.

When did the problems start happening, and had you added/removed/upgraded any software at around that point? At least part of what you've described can be caused by improperly-performed updates to certain windows components. There are a number of possible causes, though; try some of solutions in the following links and see if they help at all:

1. msoe.dll errors:

2.inetcomm.dll errors:

joshuu, plain and simple a Windows 95 PC should NOT be used for an internet connection!

Windows 95 quite simply lacks the level of security necessary to combat internet-borne 'nasties', and protection/removal tools do not really support Windows 95. If that PC is to be connected to the internet, then it should have Windows 98SE loaded onto it, at least.

Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear, but it's the truth!

There is a high likelihood that the problems you describe have resulted from infestation by an intruder from the internet, and even should you be successful in cleaning it out and restoring your system's functionality, you'll almost certainly contract another such problem before too long.

Actually I inherited this comp with all this problems and so far I dont know the programs that had been installed prior to this problems.nway i will look at those pages to try to get the solution, otherwise I will upgrade to 98.

If you do decide to upgrade the thing, make sure you format the hard drive and install Windows 98 clean. Otherwise you will simply inherit the problems of the earlier version's installation. An 'upgrade installation' is not advisable when problems already exist.

Installing afresh I think is the better idea

Definitely- given that the box came to you with problems, you should start over. Do as Catweazle suggests: reformat and do a full, fresh installation of Win 98. Win 98 SE would be advised if you can get a copy of it.