im having trouble reinstalling windows xp, ive done it plenty of times before and have had no problems. this time i reinstalled it and after it cleared my hd and started installing windows xp, it said it copied some files wrong and it has incorrect parameters. so now everytime i restart it, it just goes to that again. Also i cant get it to boot up from cdrom anymore even though i have it set to that. can somebody help me with it?

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Did you see it say, "Press any key to boot from CD" at all?

If your hard drive has anything on it resembling a filesystem or a boot sector, you have to tell the system to boot from the Windows CD. Try booting the system from a Knoppix CD or something-- that will make for certain whether or not you can boot to a CD.


it used to say press any key to boot from cd but it doesnt anymore, now its saying "remove disks or other media, press any key to restart" and theres no disk in the computer and if u press any key it just says it again. what can i do, to make it boot from the cd?

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