YES FOLKs - this REALLY works


:lol: 1-
Depending on how your browser is configured - putting this code in our address bar - changing the URL paramaters to match YOURS - will bring you INTO the files of your website

:lol: 2-
Right Clicking on the HTML file of your choice - select "OPEN"

then "VIEW SOURCE" for the opened html file

:lol: 3-
make your changes and save it to your harddrive - desktop - A drive etc...

:lol: 4-
Select the HTML ICON and right click and select "COPY"

:lol: 5-
Open up your FTP window and either right click or edit--> paste

:lol: 6-
or - Add the FTP shortcut and DRAG and DROP from the same folder

VOILA' you will have automacally updated your WEB PAGE

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I'm confused as to why this is spectacular???

With a program such as cuteFTP you could make your entire website and drag and drop it acroos sending 5 files at a time (not sure how many acctualyl i havent used cuteftp for a while)


i dunno how safe that way is. ive seen many people get sites passwords and usernames by typing "@domainname.com" in google, sometimes google caches that little bit and will display it in the search results. i know thats a common way to steal porn site passwords at least..

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