YES FOLKs - this REALLY works 

:lol: 1-
Depending on how your browser is configured - putting this code in our address bar - changing the URL paramaters to match YOURS - will bring you INTO the files of your website

:lol: 2-
Right Clicking on the HTML file of your choice - select "OPEN"

then "VIEW SOURCE" for the opened html file

:lol: 3-
make your changes and save it to your harddrive - desktop - A drive etc...

:lol: 4-
Select the HTML ICON and right click and select "COPY"

:lol: 5-
Open up your FTP window and either right click or edit--> paste

:lol: 6-
or - Add the FTP shortcut and DRAG and DROP from the same folder

VOILA' you will have automacally updated your WEB PAGE

I'm confused as to why this is spectacular???

With a program such as cuteFTP you could make your entire website and drag and drop it acroos sending 5 files at a time (not sure how many acctualyl i havent used cuteftp for a while)

i dunno how safe that way is. ive seen many people get sites passwords and usernames by typing "" in google, sometimes google caches that little bit and will display it in the search results. i know thats a common way to steal porn site passwords at least..

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Much better...drag and drop just like what you're talking about...but can go through proxies and firewalls and is secure.