I'm having trouble with a particular folder... I should have over 3,000 files in it, but it's only showing 21. The files must be hidden because the program i'm using to open these files are working properly. I just cant see them in the folder.... I tried dragging some new files into the folder and they just dissapear as soon as i drop it in. What's going on? I really need some help these files are extremely important to me. Thanks!

(BTW I have Windows XP 02 Home Edition)
Also.. these files are normal files and not changed to be hidden...
- Roger

did you right click on the folder and go to properties and make sure the attributes is check to read only

3000? extremely important? Then it's lucky that you have them backed-up.
But me saying smart stuff is not much help. Something may be causing them to be hidden, a bit of malware with a bad sense of humour.. but there are malwares which delete files. So.. cmd.exe does not seem to care about attributes, so go Start, run, and enter cmd
I dunno where your files are [a bit like you.. :)] so enter at the prompt:
cd ..
and then the drive letter of your folder eg D:
Then the path to the FOLDER eg. cd "My Stuff\Precious Files" ..the "" are in case you have spaces in names and your settings do not cope with that.
Finally enter:
dir |more
That is a generic set of commands, not necessarily the simplest, but they will get you to the folder no matter where it is, so just repeating them for clarity:
cd ..
cd "My Stuff\Precious Files"
dir |more

Wotcha got?