I reloaded Win XP ( formatted drive too). Install went smooth. I can not get a IP Address from my ISP. ipconfig /all shows no addresses. I buillt a new Internet connection with no joy.
In Device Manager the NIC is fine, no yellow exclamation point and it says it is working fine.
But... I do have the Yellow Question mark on my Ethernet Controller.
Is the Ethernet controller software for the motherboard?

If your Internet cable plugs into the motherboard, you have an on-board Ethernet and need to install motherboard drivers. If it plugs into a card that is plugged into your motherboard, it needs a separate driver. If you do not have a CD that came with the card, go on-line and find the correct driver, download, copy and install in your PC.
While the yellow exclamation mark is there, you will never get on-line.

Thanks Bob_180_Bob. I found the Intel driver needed on the web, installed it and it works great now. My backup that I did prior to the reload had a virus which i backed up. Now my machine is lean, mean and clean.
Thanks again.

You are most welcome, please mark this thread as solved.