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I am very new to this site so I am probably doing things wrong, if someone can reply to my question I would be very grateful. Thank you Howe Marian


As in the favorites tab?

Start-->Settings-->Taskbar & Settings.

It's then the second tab along i believe that should allow you to restore your favorites Tab.



You said your favorites had disappeared, not your favorites tab. It sounds like they have been deleted either by a virus, a registry cleaning program or unintentionally by you. If that is the case, I don't think you can ever get them back, sorry.


When I opened my computer to-day my favorites was missing Marian Howe

when you open Internet Explorer are the favorites there !
In MY Computer ,right click on the top tool bar and chose customize, in the left click on favorites ,hit the add button to add it to the right pane ,Favorites will now now up on the tool bar.
now if its the favorites in the very top of the tool bar ,where it says file/edit /view favorites now that's a different problem


When I opened my conputer to-day my favorites was missing and I dont know how to retrieve it can you help? Marian Howe

I think you need to be more specific here.
1. Is your favorites bar missing in internet explorer?
2. Is your favorites menu there but all your favorites are missing from the menu?

Please add some detail here so everyone can help you better

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