I'm having a few problems getting Outlook to connect to a pop3 email account at work. I've just migrated a website to a new server and had to set up all the email accounts again. On Monday I was able to connect to the accounts with no problems. I had 2 other pc's connected to 2 different email accounts and they both worked as well. It then kept working up until tuesday morning.

I then got an error saying the connection to the server was interupted (error code 0x800CCC0F). When i test the account settings it's able to find both the incoming and outgoing mail servers but it fails to log onto the incoming mail server(pop3).

I did google the error code and found a number of issues could cause this problem so i disabled all firewalls and antivirus software and I still get the same error.

I then tried to connect to connect to the accounts at home and it worked fine.
Also, other email accounts can still be accessed fine at work and none of the computers or the router was changed between monday and tuesday.

Has anyone got any ideas on what the problem could be?

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Sorry but I got lost somewhere. Is it only one computer that you are having trouble with loggong on, or all computers logging on to one account?
Will the other computers log on to the bad account, will the bad computer log on to the good accounts?
You can log on at home, (using the same server?) to the bad account? all accounts?

Lets start again, is it "a" computer that is playing up or is it all computers not being able to access an account that is the problem?


At the moment, none of the computers in the office can connect to the email account via outlook. My laptop also can't connect to the email account at the office but it can connect at home.

On monday, all of the computers in the office could connect to the account.
On tuesday none of them could.

No software was added or updated. And my ISP tell me that there's nothing wrong there end. Though it did take them a while to admit they were my ISP.

I hope that made it clearer :)



Well I think we can safely say it is not a windows problem, nor a computer problem as 3 computers are all having the same problem.

The only possibility I can see, it is the fault of the connection at work to the server as it works OK at home. Somebody, something has change something at work that has stopped you connecting.

You can see if there is another forum here that you can post this thread but it is not a windows problem, sorry.


Thank you for replying.

I managed to sort it out in the end. The new server had put a firewall up on tuesday and blocked my work's ip. It's all sorted now...I hope.

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