Hello to all the great folks at DaniWeb !!!!!!!!
I have a strange question and I'm not sure if this situation is common or not.
I took a Compaq Presario 5190 computer that had WINDOWS 98 on it, and I put Windows XP Pro on it. I wiped out Windows 98. ....BUT,
Now , as I look through the computer, like in MY DOCUMENTS, most or the old personal files from Windows 98, are still on there. I'm confused. I (RIGHT) clicked on MY COMPUTER and selected properties to see whta system was on the computer and it says Windows XP Pro.
How did the old files stay on there , even when I put a whole new system on it ?

When you installed XP you either left the current file system intact or did a system "upgrade" instead of a clean install. Essentially you installed windows XP without deleting any of the old folders.

If you'd like to correct this install XP again, this time when it asks you to select the partition to install on select the patition and hit "D" to delete it, it will ask you to confirm with (I believe) "L", and then use "C" to create a new partition on the drive (It gives you all this information right there on the page, so don't worry about remembering it or me being wrong). This will start completely from scratch on that drive.

You can also select the partition as is and at some point it will give you the options of "converting to NTFS" "Formatting as FAT" "Formatting as NTFS" or "leaving file system intact". These are paraphrased but pretty self exclamatory. If you select format as NTFS or Format as FAT (I'd suggest NTFS, it has substantial advantages over FAT in all but a handful of circumstances) you will be formatting your drive and erasing any previously existing data.

If you don't want to go to the trouble you can safely manually delete the old files, but that could get messy around your programs foler.

Following OlyComputers post. if you don't want your old files or they are taking up too much space, re-install as he has explained but if they are no trouble for you to still be there just leave well enough alone. "When it aint broke dont fix it" as the saying goes!!!

Thanks Bob & Oly !
I am in the process of redoing this and will let ya know my results! I've put newer versions of Windows on older computers before but never had any problems before. This one just threw me for a loop !
Thanks for all your help !!!

Success ! Al your sugestions worked ! Thanks a million !
The computer now has a small problem that has just showed up though. When I shut the computer down now, instead of just shutting down like normal, there is a message that popps up when it's done saying..... " It is now safe to turn off your computer"
I have to maunally push and hold the power button to get the computer to shut down.
Any suggestions about that ?

Well, none of that helped, dern it !
I went to Compaq websight and downloaded drivers for a small other issue with this computer and niether one of those worked. I don't know for sure if I should be downloading drivers or updates for Windows 98 or Windows XP. I upgraded form 98 to XP.

you have xp install now so download xp drivers .

I don't have the "driver disc", just the WP disc, sorry

Go to the manufacturers site and download all the system drivers (for XP, not 98) and install Xp SP3, as well as any additional updates that might be needed. Hopefully this will resolve the problem.

Fixed all the drivers, didn't help any. Thanks for all your help !!! I appreciate you working with me !!!!! I'm stripping this old computer down for parts !!! Thanks again !!!