Suddenly Internet Explorer refuses to open. Outlook Express is fine. BT Yahoo is fine. Something is preventing down-loading Google Chrome. Notices about firewalls etc.
BT Broadband/India version after 3 complex calls say I have to get an expert in....this goes against my inclinations as it is expensive and probably unecessary.
Explorer tells me to check HTTP port 80 and ITTPS 443 and FTP Port 21...
Search as I will I find no reference to these items on my computer...and if I found them what would I do?
Anyone help?
And I haven't downloaded anything that could be the cause. I seldom download anything (meaning progams). I can't help suspecting that Microsoft contantly adding this that and the other to XP may have caused this problem. Any ideas?
NB Highly tech talk will be a mystery to me although I have a bit of basic understanding. THANKS.

Thank you...I had a look and I will check that when my head is clearer tomorrow...but I failed to add at the beginning that I have downloaded Explorer 8 (on advice from India/ BT Broadband ) which dissapointed us in also not working , but is now established on my computer. Maybe what you say (your reference) is applicable to Explorer 8 too...will check...both here and there. Thanks.

explore 8 is only BATA ,never install bata on you main computer ,unless you are looking for trouble

What is BATA?
Explorer 8 only just came out...oh oh
What sort of trouble?
Thanks for answering anyway. J.
(Either way they aren't connecting!)

I will correct my spelling .BATA=BETA

BETA software is still in developing stage .IE8 has not been official released yet to the general public via the windows updates ,just Beta test mode ,you put it on your computer to test it for them and send back error reports when you get them ,trouble expected can be anything ,but i see on other forums that lockups are common..
I don't even have IE7 install on my computer yet and never will install it .i use ie6 when needed ,but use Firefox as my default browser.
edit: just looked for it and see its beta 2 now ,so its getting closer ,if you install beta 1 maybe a beta 2 upgrade will help correct some of your problems ..
actually i would uninstall the beta ie 8 if i were you .

this site might help with removing the beta ie.

I don't know how I missed your reply (thanks!)...but as I am still (22 days later I see) in the same situation ...using Yahoo...and being irritated at not being able to use what I am used to, plus my favorites...can I ask...IF I do as you suggest and delete IE8 will I lose all my favourites? They were all saved when I went to IE8. IE7 was working perfectly OK and then for no obvious reason it stopped being accessible. IE8 if I remember rightly uninstalled 7 automatically. Also I seem to remember IE 6 not working properly and that being solved by going to IE 7.....!!! Seems odd that Outlook Express is unaffected. Maybe I really do need to get an expert in or give up IE for ever! With Yahoo I don't even know how to establish an additional Google Toolbar! Maybe they don't let you? Anyway thanks for replying.
What HELP says is check HTTP Port 80
HTTPS port 443
FTP port 2
firewall would I do that?
You have just cause for sarcasm, Jack!