I don't use windows much but I have recently acquired a Fujitsu Series N 5010 and set up a dual boot, Windows 2000 Pro and Ubuntu. I'm trying to find the appropriate driver for the DVD player (it originally came with XP home version) for the 2000 side. I've been to the Fujitsu site and can find only XP drivers and nothing specific for the DVD. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated. I'm hoping to experiment with some DVD/video editing.


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DVD drives shouldn't need drivers. Some DVD Burners do in win2k, but there's no reason a DVD rom would need a driver.

Is it hooked up and just not recognizing it, or are you trying to find the driver before install?

Agree with the person above

and the XP drivers should work on 2k just fine

It appears that what I actually require is a DVD decoder rather than a driver per se. I did try downloading ATI DVD Decoder 2.1.0 but ran into an out of memory error. I downloaded a copy of DVD Fab and successfully created a copy of a commercial DVD. The program was also able to display the video portion of the movie in one of the programs windows, so I know the physical drive functions correctly. To be fair, I haven't been able to view DVDs on the Ubuntu side either. I haven't had much time to play with this and am only doing so now because I am interviewing for a position that will involve a large amount of video editing. I wish to be more familiar with this process.

Most video you would edit isn't from a DVD (and almost never in standard DVD format). Usually you'll be working with files that are on a hard drive, in a format that's convenient for editing.

You'll start with raw video files, edit as needed using whatever tools you have at your disposal (adobe premier is great, but expensive), then take your final product and transcode it for DVD playback.

Oh right what you need to do is download and install something called the K-Lite codec pack it may help you

also, dont talk about watching commercial dvds on linux here or about copyting them to the HDD, as its technically illegal in the USA.

I am interviewing for a position that will involve a large amount of video editing:

good luck getting that position ,good luck keeping it !

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