im sorry if this is not the appropriate forum for my problem..

when im not playing any games.. i can download just fine.. but once i play some games.. Any games.. sims 2 , tomb raider , spores , resident evil.. my internet suddenly stops.. i know because im downloading some files before playing. And when i stop playing i can see that my download stops . and i can't use internet for about 15 - 30 seconds.. and then i can use it again..
any solution for this problem?..

It sounds like an ISP problem? Are you on broadband?

your ISP may block you from palying games

hmm.. but i can play some online games.. like warcraft III on bnet. and Garena..

yes. im on broadband..
should i call them about this problem?..
oh btw.. i can download and play fine before i change to windows xp sp2.. i use sp1 before..

I would suggest you call your ISP, but before you do, speed test your connection first, and see if your download speed is still OK while playing games. A nice place to do online and independant speed tests are here:

Some of those games listed are actually off-line games arent they? therefore I cant see why it would be an isp problem.

I do remember this problem from a while ago but can't quite remember how it was solved.

How are you connecting to the net, through ethernet ->router, usb dsl modem, internal/external dialup modem?

Got a feeling it was a hardware compatibility issue last time or games checking for the existence of the network device knocked it off.