I Know There Are Other Posts Like This But I Don't understand Anything.
So, for these last months I am having this problem, my pc Freezes while playing a game. I have nothin to do but restart my computer from the tower's restart button. My Computer Is Fully updated Even My Graphic Card (Nvidia GeForce Mx 440 with AGP8X) {version 91.31} (the latest). I Have DirectX version 9.0.
Pls Help And Pls Don't talk as a pc expert because i'm not:sad:

Microsoft Windows Xp
Version 2002
Service Pack 2

Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz
2.40GHz, 512MB of Ram

Thanks Alot

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Try playing the game with the tower open and a fan blowing inside the computer. If this makes a difference, let us know and we'll go from there...

Try playing the game at different resolutions and different color depths. IT maybe that ur PC is not able to churn out the power required for some high tech current games.

As a safekeeping also download and install the latest game patches coz u never know.

Still if u would have posted the game it would have helped.


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