Question from a new guy: I'm sure this is basic but then so am I with computers. ...I got a new pc (windows xp) and want to use an old program, namely office 2000, can I use the same disk on seperate pcs in my house. If so where can I find the registration key, assuming it is not on the disk case? Also does doing this usually cause problems (like compatibility between older program and newer OS?

You shouldn't have any compatibility issues, but technically it's not legal to install the software on more machines than you have liscences for. If you buy the student and teacher edition of office, you are given three liscences :lol:
I know no legal way of obtaining a product key (aside from calling microsoft) for a peice of software that isn't already installed on your computer. If, however, office is already installed on one computer, I'm sure the key is obtainable through the registry.

Thanks or the quick reply I really appreciate it. I guess I'll just use the old software on he new pc and scrap the old one. I was thinking that if both 'workstations" weren't used at the same time, it might be ok. Although this is for home use so I guess I better go with plan "A" Thanks again!