Hi, we're running SBS2003 with Exchange handling mail and outlook 2003 on all clients.
I have access to all client mailboxes to cover for people when they're away from the office. My Md deleted some items yesterday but then noticed that there were a lot more items in his deleted items folder than there should have been and when we looked closer some of these items were from weeks if not months ago and would have been permanently deleted shortly after being received. Now, when I look at my MDs mailbox from my machine, it shows a different number of messages in his inbox and deleted items folders than it does if viewed from his machine. My understanding is that the clients merely reflect what is held in the mailboxes in Exchange server so I can't figure out how he is showing more messages on his machine than are showing on mine. The total number of items for his mailbox as shown on my machine tallies more closely with the total number of items as shown on the server. The most obvious difference is in the deleted items folder, my machine shows 42 items, 5 unread while his machine is showing 317 items, 264 unread.
Any ideas what's happening?

disable caching of mailboxes while working in a LAN - things will update much faster

Thanks for that. Problem solved but doesn't explain how it occurred in the first place. The mail system has been running, unchanged (all clients using cached exchange mode), for about three years now before this error popped up! Could be something my MD has done without realising I suppose. I'll probably just have to let it go and get on with some work.
Thanks Again!