Hi All,

Its critical for me to get some solution to this problem that has all of a sudden popped up.

We have a windows server 2003 machine running some server applications. After some time it stops connecting to any other machine on network. Web browser does not open page hosted over intranet, ODBC links to DBs on other machine stop connecting, remote desktop windows to other computers on network do not open, etc. However, it keeps pinging other machines.

Although, from some other machine, I can open remote desktop window to this server. I suspect the server reaches a point where it cannot open any more connections (maximum sockets opened?). After giving a restart, the server works fine (for a while!)

Can anybody help me with this? Server is hosting an application at client-site which is in production. Can't afford any downtime. Any help/suggestion will be highly praised.


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disable the firewall
disable the ToE functionality
reset winsock
update the NIC drivers to the latest ones
replace the switch to make sure the switch is not causing this

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