I have run all the anti malware under the sun. I have disabled every single process at startup. System restore was not enabled. i keep getting an error that .../system32/aekkyo.exe was not found or something to that effect. I have done a search throughout the registry for the key that might activate this popup to no avail.

google gives a result of 2 threads. both have the same question.

maxed out the other search engines out there, also to no avail.

What did I miss, guys?

Thx, Hmx.

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hey there hotmatrixx.
this error is certainly due to an infection you had on your PC. i believe this aekkyo.exe is somehow related to whatever malware you might have had on your PC. Please try to run system file checker for windows by typing sfc at the run prompt sfc/ scannow. good luck.

Either a program that you downloaded or a virus has told your PC to load "aekkyo.exe" at start up but you have deleted this file with a virus cleaner.
You can just ignore this pop-up or run a reg cleaner (www.pctools.com/registry-mechanic) to hopefully remove the request for the file.

try scan with hijackthis and post the log

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