A friend asked me to reinstall windows for him, so i did, but it appears that neither nForce audio drivers (4.62), neither realtek ac97 drivers work fine (tested old version in manufacturers site and new WDM_A406). Only when i set maximum volume on pc and speakers i can hear some sound (and it is barely audible). Any ideas?

Motherboard: Abit KN8 Ultra
Chipset: nForce 4 Ultra AMD
Windows XP

1. silly question:

did you set sound on MAX on the sofware you were using? WMP starts on half, for eg and can be hardly audible.

2. have you tried another set of speakers? maybe the ones you have a re bung.

3.google for the Realtek AC'97 Codec version A3.49 I have installed this on over 40 PC's and works perfectly.

What service pack you on?

hey, jbennet, nice pic - I like it! I am not sure who you are asking, but I am running xp (all flavours) with SP3 (always) when I install those codecs.

That was hardware problems. Thread can be locked.

Yeah its just that i need to have SP2 installed for my intel chipsets Sigmatel HD sound to work. I need to do SP2 then apply a hotfix which i have to request , then i can install my drivers. Annoyingly i cant slipstream SP3 for this reason as it doesnt include the hotfix, and it wont intall on it.

and yeah i like that album