After insralling xp sp2, I get this message when I try to connect my ipod, "ipodservice module has encountered a problem and needs to close."

searching the web, i realized that my device manager is empty.

Can you guys help me with this?

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dude, if you are typing this out, your device manager is not empty.

DM: startmenu-(rightclick My Computer)-properties-hardware tab-device manager

have a look next to your computer name in DM, there is a little + sign. try clicking it. Ipods i think are under removeable media at the bottom somewhere, but only when they are plugged in are they visible in this window.

Back up all your music (ipod stuff is in my music, itunes somewhere. copy the whole lot to another folder elsewhere on your computer, out of the my music folder)

reinstall Itunes/get the latest version from the websie.


The device manager is completely empty. It's completely white. Nothing is there. Not the computer, disk drives, etc. There is nothing to select.

somebody help please


dude. I am speechless.

are you the ADMIN on the account?
is it networked in any way, on a domain?

After instaling SP2?
try this:

uninstall it.
Does DM come back? yes? go to MS website, download the SP3 installer package (full) and use that - it will include sp2 and all new updates.

if you uninatall sp2 and DM is still not there, hope you have system restore enabled. then go and do a SysRestr to pre- sp2: start-allprogs-accessries-systools-sysrestore

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