My school has a 'atheros ar5007 802.11b/g wifi adaptor' with an unsecured open connection.

My new HP dv9700 laptop with vista says i have a great signal but nothing worked. When I went to my college's office they said their wifi does not work with vista.

Is there any way I can download something or change something to make it work with vista?

It would help out a lot if I didnt have to go somewhere else with wireless do complete my class assignments cause the commute kinda sucks.

Thank you!


You mention an Atheros adapter, which appears to just be a wifi card. Are they using an ad hoc network?

whoops! that might be the adaptor in my laptop? in that case I have no idea. I just want to find a way to connect to their wireless network which for some reason is only compatable with windows xp....

I'm sure your school has a tech teacher. He can actually see your laptop and will most likely have a better chance of helping you.