hey im working on an acer desktop...the first time i plugged it in..the ram proved faulty, so i cleaned them and the slots with electronic spray. it worked fine after that...booted it a couple times, no probs. recently it started taking really long to boot. now it isnt booting at all. when i plug in the power supply, it turns on without me pressing the power button, the cpu fan starts spinning, and the HDD led stays on (no power led)...i had problem like this before but i cant remember what the fault was....Its a fairly brand new machine.

nope...power supply is powering up ...im wondering if its the mobo or the processor...

yeah but its powering up when you dont want it to power up

hi Romeyng, take it to the expert "JBNNET" i agree with him, your PSU might be faulty, it is powering up but it's not working 100% as what you said your machine is "Auto Power On", but if you don't agree with us buy a new mobo or processor...but PSU is a bit cheaper...hehehe...Just kidding..better don't buy, borrow a PSU from someone before purchasing....it's worth trying out. who knows it might work.. Santa might help you... Cheers!! Merry Christmas..