Hey all,
I recently added a cdrw to my machine. The drive letter for my backup hard drive was E: So I figure when i added the cdrw it wanted the default lettering system but E: was taken. During this time, XP somehow created and evil twin of my backup hardrive and called it H: Well, after changing the backup hard drive from E: to X: and renaming my cdrw to E: I STILL HAVE THAT H DRIVE which is the same as the x: drive...they are both on my explorer tree and I cannot remove it or make it whole!!!! I have tried doing a deep reformat on the backup drive and renaming the drive letter to no avail....that dam mirror H drive is still there. Disk manager only recognizes the x drive but everywhere else..from windows explorer to disk defrag there is that H: drive. Funny thing is, you can read the same or different data of that drive as well as the x drive...and will show differences in data copied!!! Man help me get rid of the H: evil mirror to my normal x: drive.

Thanks in advance

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Try clearing the CMOS on your motherboard without the hard drive hooked up-- that may help. Also, does that H: drive show up if you unplug the drive?

Open the Command Prompt (Windows XP Dos Prompt), and type the command "subst". Report back what it returns (if it returns anything -> it might say nothing and then return you back to the same prompt you started at).

Hey thanks for responding,
I cleared cmos and the H drive shows up again with the X drive (same drive). I then reformatted and relabeled and cleared cmos and still get both drive letters. I then unplugged the drive from the mobo and no drive shows up in any program tree. However, every time I boot windows XP pro, I get the chkdsk progroam that runs to check consistency of the drive in question......My only thought is, is my Quantum fireball dying??

What is the result of subst?

it just returns me to the prompt line with no information from the subst query.

Look under Disk Management.

Right click on My Computer, select Manage. You should see the H:/X: drive there? Right click on it, and select "Change drive letter and path..." Do you see 2 entries there? You should be able to remove the one you don't want.

Been there multiple times ....it shows the drive as X: but everwhere else in win xp pro from explorer to defrag routines there is the H: as well. Reformatting doesnt change it.

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