I'm having a problem trying to print and I'm getting the following message:

Error while spooling to **
Unable to start the Spool Manager

I've reinstalled the drivers but with no luck. It will print out a test page from the Printer Properties but nothing else. Any help will be appreciated.
Mary (Scotland)

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Read through these you should find the answer .

This info was found on

If you see conflict error messages or printing is very slow, the problem may be caused by temporary files in the EPSON Spool Manager temporary file directory. To change the Spool Manager settings, you will first need to make a unique directory on your hard drive, such as C:\SPOOL. Open the Spool Manager4 and make sure the EPSON Stylus COLOR 400 is selected. Click on Options, select Default Spool Directory. Change the directory to the new directory you created and click OK. Open the Queue, Setup and make sure the spool directory changed to the new unique directory. Make sure the box for "Use Print Manager for this port" is not checked, then click OK. Close the Spool Manager, restart the computer and try printing again.


Thankyou but after 2 hours I'm just about tearing my hair out. I still cannot get the printer to work although everything looks alright. I even uninstalled again and reinstalled the drivers using the cd that came with the printer. All the test pages seem fine, but keep getting the message 'cannot find spooler' when I try to print a document. I know it must be something little but I'm at a loss as to what I can do now.
Mary :rolleyes:



I'm a new member but found the help on this site which enabled me to solve the problem of failure of the PC to talk to the printer so thought I ought to record the action I took for others to try, if needed.

I had assembled a PC fro my nest door neighbour from an old MSI board but had not tested it with his Epson Stylus 600 which I had provided him with for an earlier machine which I had given him.

The 600 wouldn't cooperate with the new m/c running ME with Award BIOS, although selftest was OK and the spooler was attempting to spool.

Took three steps:

1 Reconfigured parallel port to EPP+ECP
2 Disabled spooler to send file direct to printer
3 File EPCTRL.DLL was missing from c:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM - for what reason I cannot tell. When this file was put in place the setup worked.

Hope this may be of some use

Great site for solution of problems like this for a 74 year old Dumbo


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