I'm running Windows98. A couple days ago I installed the latest patch sent by Microsoft. Ever since then, when I want to use the computer without signing in to MSN the sign in dialog box keeps coming up. Ending task, canelling etc does not get rid of it. Very irritating
Any suggestions


Any idea what update you installed? If you are lucky, we might find out if it has an un-installer, but I am highly doutbting it.

I am also wondering if you have a bug that wants to get onto the internet so that it can transmit out the payload of the bug. Are you on a cable modem, or dial-up? Does your computer want to dial out all the time?

Let us know.


Simple question perhaps, but have you looked at your MSN preferences? There should be an option to have MSN load at Windows startup. If that option is enabled, try disabling it.

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