I and a few of my friends all have laptops (with the exception of one, who has a really really old desktop). Our computers work for us, but we require a lot of hard drive space for the mass amount of work/files we accumulate. So, I got a cheep dell computer, got an extra NIC card and got two 200G hard drives and Windows 2000 Server. I installed Win2kserver, then setup active directory and the DNS server. So far I've got it to the point where a user can access the domain (lamedellbox.local) and login.

here is the problem:

I need an efficiant way to have each user have his/her own folder on the server to put stuff in. I could just create a folder for each user, then set permissions. However, I don't know how to have the server just send them the link and put it on their desktop. I also would like a more efficiant way of setting up shares (rather than manually making a folder for each user). I also need to know a way to limit how much space a user can take up.

The questions:

1) What is the best way to setup share folders for each user who logs onto the server
2) How can I have a link to that folder be placed on the user's destkop when the login?
3) I've setup a domain security policy, is there anything special I need to do to make the computers who login apply it?
4) How can I setup quotas?

Thanks very much for any advice/help.

Any suggestions? Please? I'll be your best friend

Are you actually running a domain? If you're running a domain using Roaming Profiles, you could just put this link into their roaming profile.

You could just as easily run this in a workgroup setting, without AD, and use Local Users and Groups. That's probably what I'd do in your situation. It's probably just more straightforward to create the requisite users, set up individual shares and permissions, and then have each of them create a link to their share in My Network Places on their local machines.

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