hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone could help me.
my friend just bought a new vaio laptop with vista installed. He tried to make a new partition with paragon partition software n after sometime the screen went black and the computer won't respond. It gives an error message "interrupted operation: insert the recovery cd or other recovery media and reboot your pc". Unfortunately, my friend hasnt created a recovery CD. The recovery file came in a seperate partition.
The computer with this message to every key pressed. Only the bios can be accessed. But still nothing can be selected. The highleghter responds to the keyboard but when "enter" is pressed, nothing happens. Please shed some light on what can be done. Any help is appreciated.

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you should post in the Vista forum section ,and also Vista has the ability to partition a drive with out 3rd party software through the disk management section


Hi,I would have thought somone would have replied to you by now. install paragon partition software on another p.c. and make the recovery floppy/cd. it worked for me regards john

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