attached file is the report and sig of the error any suggestions as to a fix other then gas and matches would be great
pc specs

amd 2600 xp 2.07
ati 850xt 256
X-FI platinum
2 gigs corsair val select pc 2700 333 mhz
Win xp pro sp2 up to date as of nov 1st 2006
running spybot
AVG free edition
asus a7v8 deluxe
bios 1014

pc locks to black screen, then often will not boot in correct 1600-1200 spec skips the boot screen and goes right to a log on screen after error.Xp reinstalled with complete reformat nov 1st .

any other info needed to maybe resolve i will be more then willing to add .
thanks to any and all who may respond.

error report contents

error signature
BBCode : ea   BCP1 :8735ebc8   BCP2 : 89856280   BCP3 : 89AAFD 38
BCP4  : 00000001     OSVer : 5_!_2600   SP : 2.0  Product : 256_1
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Open the Event Viewer utility in your Administrative Tools control panel and look through your System and Application logs for entries flagged with "Error" or "Warning", especially those whose time-stamps coincide with the occurence of the problem(s). Double-clicking on such an entry will open a properties window with more detailed information on the error; post the details from a representative sample of some of the different error messages (please don't post duplicates of a given entry, or flood us with the entire contents of the logs).

To post the details:
In the Properties window of a given entry, click on the button with the graphic of two pieces of paper on it; the button is at the right of the window just below the up arrow/down arrow buttons. You won't see anything happen when you click the button, but it will copy all of the details to the Windows clipboard. You can then paste the details into your next post here.

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