I bought this laptop from a friend of a friend about six month ago, it was runnig good, but some how got corrupted and I thought that by formating the hard drive would help. My friend gave me the system password and the hard drive password but forgot to give me the bios password. Now the laptop came with vista, but i wanted to install windows xp pro, cause i like it better. So when I went to installed xp it would not read the windows xp CD, cause the boot order on the bios the cd-rom drive is the fifth option. So I thought that if I took the hard drive out and format it in another machine it should read the hard drive, but still does not read the cd-rom drive. Now I called my friend and he told me tha his friend is in Iraq, so I can't get in touch with him. Can anybody help me or tell me is there a way to reset the bios like on a desktop. Itried just about everything, but any help would be great.

Just to let you guys know , I fixed it myself. Damn I'm good....little work of hacking and done. It was not easy, a lot of effort and Magic. MINDFREAK....

Mike Power---Pc Magic.

please tell us how u did it.

ok, I will tell you how I fixed it.
You see I was so desperate and pissed off, for two day straigth to no avail on bypassing the password, so guess what I did, I hit any key on the keyboard with anger, and guess what it happened to be the password, 8 times 00000000, and that was it, wala broke in. problem solve, If I was to buy lottery numbers like that I will never guess the numbers.

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