my friend is having a problem with his computer...can anyone help out?


"after i get the windows xp boot screen, it goes blue and says, 'unable to locate component'.....cannot find 'winsrv' "

he has a dell inspiron 8500
60 gb hard drive 2.6 ghz processor

Would try restore before cracking laptop open, also need ide adapter to slave
laptop hd.

To fix this, mount the hard drive from the failing system as a slave drive in a working system. Then browse to the slave drive using Windows Explorer and navigate into the C:\WINNT$NtServicePackUninstall$\spuninst folder. Right-click spuninst.bat and select Edit. Click Edit / Replace and change all instances of C: to the drive letter of the slave drive. (In the screen shown below it is F: but yours may be some other letter.) Then click Replace All.

After the replace function is complete, close the replace dialog and close and save the batch file. Then launch the batch file to uninstall SP4 on the slave drive. When complete, shutdown and return the drive to its original system and you should be able to boot normally. Reapply SP4 on the machine.