I've been having problems with my monitor lately, and now that I have it working again, the color on the screen turned is a light blue color. I've been pushing the buttons infront of my monitor (contrast, brightness, etc.) and nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions??


Right Click on the desktop then chose Properties then chose Settings and change the Color Quality to your liking...

Meaning no matter what color I choose, it still doesn't come out the way it's suppose to look like.

have you tried hooking up your computer to another monitor? it could be the monitor. Another possible cause could be the video card, I just discarded an old video card that does something similar to the problem you're having.

Try hooking it up to another monitor to see if it's your monitor that's having the problem. If it's still blue on a different monitor, try replacing the video card with a different video card.

I hooked up another monitor to my computer and the image is fine (the colors). How can I find this video card?