I recently had to reformat my harddrive, i had some issues that had to be dealt with..so anyway, i re formatted my hard drive then reloaded my windows 98 and everything is fine..except..now my video seems messed up..i only have 16 color capability now..so even this webpage does not show well..how do I get my 256 color capability back? i cannot play games or see web pages clear or anything..help please!!

You'll have to install drivers for your video card. Do you know who makes it? ATI or Nvidia, etc?? Go to the website and download the drivers. Otherwise, do you have video card drivers that came with your system/card? I don't think Windows 98 has built-in drivers you can use, though I may be wrong.

ok..win98 does not help since thats what I did was reload win 98 etc..my video card is a nvidia tnt2 m64 but i tried my cd with the drivers that came with the video card and that did nothing at all.....my video card is working , at least it shows that it is installed and running..but my system when i go to settings and display and check it..say its only a 2 or 16 color..the funny part is originally it went up tp 246 and 16 and 32 mb true color..but those settings are not on there anymore..

how would a video card change the settings available under my display settings? before I even added the video card last year i already had those capabilitys on my system .

OK, under device manager does it list your video card? Is there an Exclamation Point or a question mark next to it in device manager?

You can also check things about by removing the video card listing from device manager, reboot and windows should pick it up again and reinstall it. Otherwise uninstall the drivers, reboot and reinstall them again.

TNT cards install rather well under 98, so I am not sure why your are having a problem.

Also, your stated 256 color was what you wanted...but I think your mean 16 bit or 32 bit color is what you want....just assuming.