hey all! sometimes when im playing games windows does something kinda freaky. A blue screen with white text appers and has a title BAD_POOL_HEADER . It tells me that windows need to shutdown. It says something about hardware and BIOS and then a line of Tech Info. What does this mean? Is this bad for the system, or is my system the bad thing? How do i stop it? Im running Windows XP SP2

btw. it sometimes doesnt it in Tony Hawks Underground 2, and does it every time I play the last level on Chronicles of Riddick: EFBB

many thx in advance :D

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What are the specs of your system?

It's possible you could have a hardware issue, like bad RAM, or a video card going funky. When did this happen? Have you made any hardware/software changes on the system recently, like a driver update?


well its a fairly new pc so i guess most of the drivers are new! I havent actually updated any! It only happens when i play THUG2 (sometimes) and always happens when im playing the last boss on Riddick: EFBB!!! Here are my specs!

- P4 3.0G 800FSB 1mb cache LGA775 CPU
- Asus P5GD1 mobo
- 2x512mb Pc3200 DDR RAM
- Albatron 128mb 6600GT PCI-E (517/1160)
- 120GB Seagate Barracuda 7.5k
- XSonic Cobra Black
- 8 Channel Sound Card


I recieved this same error message among a few others. I recently upgraded my video card to a GeForce fx5500 and I'm not sure which driver to use. I'm thinking that may be the problem but I'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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