There are tons of programs out there that claim to tweak either xp or your dsl,modem,cable connections. I believe others will agree there is no magic tweak that will make xp that much faster or your internet. In fact xp is tweaked pretty sweet for dsl. No idea how it is on cable. You will hear allot of made xp,internet sooo much faster. Ask yourself how much is soooo much?? Not allot if any. You can make thing worse!! I say this because a buddy of mine tweaked the page file in xp (yes I told him not to!!) his puter crashed I laughed at him and said told you so. In closing this little rant I can not stress enough.......THERE IS NO MAGIC TWEAK THAT WILL MAKE XP OR INTERNET SCREAM!! At most a small difference. Is it worth the risk making your computer slower and going back to repair the problems??........Sorry felt the need to out.

I would actually tend to agree with these statements. The only thing that I can say is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

But, there are some things that you can do to make your computer "seem" faster. Uninstall programs that run in memory if you don't use them, or disable them from starting up if you don't use them frequently. Run a browser like Firefox that allows you to modify how the browser acts so it more effectively uses the bandwidth you have available. Make sure spyware and other garbage isn't cluttering up your system, and if you're running FAT32, defrag every now and then.

There are quite a few things you can do like I listed above, but none are really "tweaks", per se, they're just good computing habits.

I agree too,to some extent ,I use cable and install TCPOptimiser and it increases my file download speed .I know because i download the same file from the same site minutes apart to test it befor applying the optimizer .!

I wonderd about cable and xp. So it seems like it does help a bit to tweak it eh? I allso agree. Good computing habits are important! Clean the registry, get rid of the junk files, once in a great while out