Problem 1 -
when using safari on couple other programs, this error shows
{Does not reside a point of entrance ( there was not possibility to locate the point of convened except_Handler4_Common_ of the procedure by the library of the dynamic connection msvcrt.dll

I have tried deleting the msvcrt, and installing a downloaded file - nothing.

problem 2

Some windows Apps just wont start, not in the shortcut and not in their original folders, what should i do?

It looks like it's time for a major reinstall to me.

You should run a full virus scan to see if the problem is easily recovered.

If you still have all your original disks for the program it won't take too long to reinstall stuff. If you can format your HD and reinstall the OS as well.

I have the original XP disk, the problem is when I tried pressing R on the welcome screen it asked me to put another disk.
I do know that I had the "Jeefo" virus, I deleted him but I still forgot to cure all the infected files.

Try running the virus scanner again and curing the infected files. It should still pick them up.

I tried to install that anti virus program, but it says i need to enable dos 8.3, any ideas?

I tried to install that anti virus program, but it says i need to enable dos 8.3, any ideas?

what antivirus program , isn't safari for Mac,or is there a windows version now;
if you are using windows xp ,download superantispyware program in my signature .

Yes there is a Safari for windows and has been for quite a while!?

I suggest you run the scan on the program caperjack suggested and then uninstall any program that you think may have been infected and reinstall them... and if that doesn't work you will have to reinstall XP.

Once you have your computer back to normal: make sure you have a antivirus program that runs scans regularly, a spyware program, a malware program and a good firewall... most of which can be found in caperjack's very helpful signature!

Good Luck