I have a bad, or corrupt driver in windows some where, I had it before my last reinstall of win xp pro, and still have it after reinstalling and putting all my nessary drivers back on.

from time to time windows will crash to reboot, and tell me it was because of a bad driver(cant remember exact thing) but does not tell me what driver it was, or for what device. Is thier a place on xp that I can go view a log or something to see what driver it is, and rip/reinstall or get a new one for... I have the most current that I can find, and still get this from time to time... I would say every 10-20 hours of use I crash like that.


Yes. First check your device manager (start->settings->controlpanel->system->hardware)for conflicts. Second, you can look under event viewer(start->settings->controlpanel->administrativetools->eventviewer->system) for any error logs. Post back with the errors and conflicts



since you are not able to find the drivers you can try the driver updating applications like Driver Detective or Advanced Driver Optimizer they will get you the latest updates 4 ur drivers so u dont have to search them they will download the latest updates and will install them .

u can try there trial version to see if they show updates. I prefer Advanced Driver Optimizer as with it I have to just scan and can update all my drivers in single click just a best optimizer for driver.

The best part is if it installed incorrect driver then I can roll back using their restore facility.