Ok real quick I tried, the program "Registry Booster" from Uniblue and it worked wonders! So good in fact that it took the reg files for AVI, WMV, QT, and MPEG thumbnails. How do I know this? Well I used the program on my laptop and It did the same thing. No Thumbnails for videos! Only on the laptop I had a recent system restore point... Sadly I had just deleted the one on my desktop. So my question is, Can I write the files back into the registry, so that I can once again see my thumbnails? And if so what do I have to write and where?

Keep in mind I've tried everything but this, including..."regsvr32 shmedia.dll" , uninstalling and reinstalling codec packs, deleting the cache...the list goes on and on.

I am running Windows XP MCE SP3 any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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If by thumbnails you mean movie specific thumbnails then:

I know you said you have tried everything else but... well this may be a completely pointless post but: have you tried copying the files to another storage device and then deleting the original file and copying them back.

If you mean just the standard AVI (etc) thumbnails, then i would have thought they would be program specific for you so have you tried reinstalling the programs?

I guess you didn't back up your registry?

Now that's something I didn't think off. deleting and then copying them back. But no, this one time I got particularly click happy and did not back up my Registry. I'm a bone head. I''l give the copying thing a shot. What programs would I have to uninstall and then reinstall to get those registry entries back? WMP? QT?

Yea reinstall WMP, QT, Divx (If you have allready), and any other media player on your system.

Many thanks guys! Everything came back cept for MPEG. But other than that Everything's back to normal.

You can also download the K-lite codec Pack for free... that should help with alot of problems. It might even solve your thumbnail problem for the MPEG.

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