I am sorry to post twice, but I don't think I did the best thing in posting earlier today as a reply to another problem. Here it is again, slightly revised.


I am using windows XP Pro on a Dell Inspiron 5150.

I seem to be an administrator: I can do all the things I want to (except one, which I’ll come to in a moment).

Computer Management and Groups shows me as a member of the Administrators Group.

I am using windows XP Pro on an Inspiron 5150.

Because I am the only user of the machine and I don’t take it around with me, I have arranged the log-in procedure so I can re-boot when necessary and make a coffee whilst it doing its thing. No passwords, no ENTER or ESC keystrokes. The main thing is that it works.

I get to sign is as ‘Richard’. Windows Computer Management and Groups shows me as a member of the Administrators Group.

Belarc Advisor shows me as an Administrator (see below -- sorry, the formatting of the table has been lost) and seems to confirm that the computer is working OK with a named account (Richard) with administrator privileges.

Users (mouse over user name for details)
local user accounts last logon: Richard
04/03/2008 21:08:54 (admin)
local system accounts
never (admin)
02/08/2007 12:43:58
HelpAssistant never
SUPPORT_388945a0 never

[I suspect there may be a difference in a local system account from a local user account.]

So to the one problem which this arrangement seems to be giving me.
It came to light last year when using Channel 4 on demand, a DRM’d peer-to-peer service in the UK.

C4oD tech support told me I had to reload the latest Windows Media Player and reset the hidden files for DRM.

They said

“Once you right click on the top bar of Windows Media Player above the tabs, a drop down menu should appear with the 'tools' menu. Clicking on 'tools'
should bring up six choices in the sub-menu, Managing Licenses should be the fifth choice down.”
* * * *

If you have read this far, thank you. This is the nub of this post:

I cannot see the Managing Licences choice in WMP 11, not even greyed out.
Channel 4 say this is because I am not logged in as an administrator.

Are they correct? Is viewing 'Managing Licences' an acid test of whether you are really the Big Boss? I don’t seemed to be barred from any other functions on this machine.

I am reluctant to tinker with the way I have Windows set up, because (although I appreciate the security risks if someone breaks into the house) the convenience issue prevails for me.

I am sorry for the length of the length of this, my first post here, but I hope some kind soul will be able to help.


first let me say i have no idea what Managing Licences choice is ,but just in case the admin thing is right you can go to the computer admin account that was setup when windows was installed by hitting f8 repeatedly on boot and go to safe mode chose admin acct .oh ,i look in my mp 11 's tools and don't see it there either .

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