Hi guys,
I am writing to ask help as I have problems of modifying the outlook expresses on different computers so that they could share the same WAB.

The situation is like this: I have two computers(Computer1 & computer2), both have outlook express. But only Computer1 has all the contacts. Very often me and my colleagues have to fight for computer1 to update contact details or sending emails. I just thought if I could make two computer shares the same WAB, then two people can work on same WAB at the same time at the different computers.

Inintially I thought just by simply change the key path in the registry of the second computer: HK_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\WAB\WAB4\WAB FileName
from "C:\Documents and Settings\computer2\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\computer2.wab"
to "\\computer1\shareddocs\computer1.wab"

so that the key in computer2 is pointing to the wab location in computer1, the two outlook express on different computers can then share the same address book which is on computer1.

However, when me and other people tried to use outlook express on both computers at the same time, one doesn't respond, and another just simply crashes. I figured this was probably due to the way outlook express access the WAB that ddoesn't allow sharing. But I have no idea how outlook express access the WAB and how I can modify it so that two outlook expresses on the different computers can share accessing the same WAB at the sametime.

I have some programming skill, just need some guidance of how to start, and how I can modify outlook express or add some add-in to it so it can share things. I am sorry to botherd you for this as I really run out of resource for help. I would very much appreciated if you could help me or tell me where to look for help.

pcpalct is on the right track- Outlook components themselves are not natively designed to be served/shared network resources. That funtionality is what Microsoft Exchange provides, but installing and maintaining an Exchange server isn't often practical for people with relatively small networks.

Adise from the possible solution offered by pcpalct, the following link offers more info and resources:


I have checked the this website: http://www.slipstick.com/outlook/share.htm
But as far as I can see, All the methods it mentioned, they concern the outlook instead of outlook express. So I am deciding to develope a add-in or a program for outlook express which could enable outlook express to share WAB on different computers. At the moment, the trouble I am having is I don't have API for outlook express, don't know how does outlook express access the WAB.

I visited http://www.nektra.com/products/oeapi/, they provide API for outlook express in rip off price. But they did mention "any customization of outlook express must be done using application hooks written in C." So I am wondering what is C application hooks? How do you create or download those

I have checked the this website: http://www.slipstick.com/outlook/share.htm
But as far as I can see, All the methods it mentioned, they concern the outlook instead of outlook express.

Sorry about that; I read your initial post too quickly, but yes- Outlook and Outlook Express are different beasts "under the hood"; solutions for Outlook will not necessarilly work for OE.

Is there any reason that you can't migrate to Outlook instead of trying to hack together a workaround for OE? A move to Outlook might prove to be a more efficient solution, as off-the-shelf programs already exist to give Outlook the functionality you need.

If you do wish to try the "home-brewed" solution, you should post your questions and needs regarding that in a new thread in one of our programming forums, as this forum is more meant for resolving issues with existing Windows applications.