I am running windows xp on a dell 2400 dimension w/pentium 4.

Some icons, shortcuts or links (all the same thing?) are not working. When on desktop, some, when clicked on do nothing as though there is no path. On some sites when there is a highlighted link in the middle of some text or just a button (that appears to be workable) to take me to the next page (as in checking out of an online store) will do nothing. I then realized that as the cursor moved across the link, nothing showed up on the lower address bar like there are with any of the other links on that page. Then just when I think I have this narrowed down, on another page an address does appear, such as shortcut to javascript. This problem appeared immediately after installing svc pack II. I am sure it is related somehow because I had installed and then uninstalled this a few months ago because of the same problem. The problem stuck around for a while and I don't remember what I did if anything but it went away. Don't ask me why I reinstalled. I wouldn't have an answer.